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Restaurant Lukla

Lukla Nepalese cuisine is rich in rich, culinary heritage tasted carefully from Nepalese royal kitchens.These recipes offer a truly pleasing Nepalese food experience.

Lukla Nepalese cuisine offers genuine dishes from the Himalayas that you may completely lose in fresh herbs and spices.

Let the aromas of cardamom and cumin bring to the land of the highest mountains in the world.

Enjoy Himalayan panoramic views while enjoying Nepalese flavors.


Fine Food Cuisine

Lukla Nepalese cuisine is here to bring a new flavor to the city.

With a unique Nepalese cuisine that has dancing and appetite for your taste bud, you will find the next meal with your friends before you finish your meal.

In Lukla we really believe in genuine, ethnic food. Chefs and staff are from Nepal and have a great enthusiasm to produce great Nepalese food. Add passion for cooking in the restaurant, which has a great service and a great ambience, and you have a recipe for success.

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Nepalese Cuisine

We are confident when you try our flavours you will tell a distinctive difference in spices and flavour. True Nepalese flavour from the Valleys of native Nepal.


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